April News Round-Up

Happy May, everyone! We had a stellar group of blog posts this past month and a really terrific Will Read for Women donation drive in Washington DC. This month the StS team will make the final edits for our 2013 Fall issue and prepare the rising staff to take over their new roles as current editors charge to graduate with their MFA degrees from George Mason University!

This month we will say goodbye to Editor-in-Chief Kate Partridge, Managing Editor Mike Stein, Poetry & Blog Editor Me (Sheila McMullin), Nonfiction Editor Chrissy Widmayer, and Fiction Editor Dan Hong. We will be heartbroken to say our farewell, but so proud to be sending such strong feminists into the world and see what good work they do next! We all feel so thrilled for the rising staff and can’t wait to see what projects and goals they accomplish! Look forward to StS interviews with out-going staff members at the end of this month and beginning of June.

•  To-Be Blog Editor Sheryl Rivett debuted on StS blog with two incredible stories of raising children and giving birth at home: What? You Birth at Home AND You’re a Feminist?I AM WOMAN

•  VIDA Features So to Speak in its Editor’s Corner!!!

Friday, April 12th Will Read For Women Donation Drive was a great time with readings from Kim Roberts, Mel Nichols, Nicole Idar, Kyle Daragan, and Jill Leininger in support of Virginia’s Bethany House women’s shelter.

•  Spring 2013 fiction contributor, Sarah Seybold shares her thoughts on writing her piece “Empty Cases.”

•  Our fabulous feminist Sarah Marcus writes “Women Are Just More Emotional” and stirs the fight in us!

Looking forward to what’s coming next!

With love as always,

Sheila ♥

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