Co-Editor in Chief: Julie Dickson


Blog and Website editor: Paula Beltrán

Paula Beltrán is a fiction candidate in the MFA program at George Mason University. Paula’s columns and news blogs have appeared in various English and Spanish-language publications including The Huffington Post, AOL Latino, and the Houston Press. An interpreter and translator originally from Chih., Chihuahua via Houston, TX, she can be seen hunting for queso fresco in Fairfax, VA, where she now lives.


Co-Editor in Chief / Poetry Editor: A.K. Padovich

A.k.Padovich is a third year MFA poetry candidate and Lannan fellow at George Mason University, where she also teaches Freshman Composition and Literature; acts as ESL Opt-in Program Coordinator for the GMU Writing Center; and facilitates the reading series Kindling. Her work has been featured inBricolage Literary and Arts JournalMare Nostrum; and Beltway Poetry Quarterly. The transplant Seattlelite now resides in Fairfax, Virginia.

Assistant Poetry Editor: Ryan Meyer


Nonfiction Editor: Alex Ghaly


Alexandra White is a third-year Master of Fine Arts candidate and thesis fellow in creative nonfiction writing at George Mason University. Her work has appeared in Fugue, Wag’s Revue, and The New Haven Review. She and her husband teach elementary school kids together after school and co-run a gospel tract ministry.




Assistant Nonfiction Editor: Rajpreet Heir

Rajpreet Heir is a nonfiction MFA candidate at George Mason University. She teaches Freshman Composition and helps run the reading series Loud Fire. Before moving to Virginia, Rajpreet worked in marketing and social media in Chicago. She lived in Indiana until graduating from DePauw University.



Fiction Editor: Robert Schuster

Robert Schuster is a third-year fiction MFA student in George Mason University’s Creative Writing program. He enjoys writing mainly about people coming of age and/or being displaced (from home, from their identity, etc.). When not at school, he has an office job, teaches SAT, ACT, and GRE classes, and facilitates a young adult writing workshop at 826dc, a nonprofit tutoring organization in Columbia Heights. He lives with his boyfriend in Alexandria, VA.


Assistant Fiction Editor: Justin Lafreniere


Art Editor: Ceci Cole McInturff

Ceci Cole McInturff is artist/owner of 87FLORIDA, an exhibit and performance space in Washington, D.C. Her work includes writing, sculpture, narrative installation, and book objects. It often includes original spoken and written text. After two years studying MA/Art and the Book at the Corcoran College of Art+Design, she is now completing an MFA in critical arts practices at George Mason University, with thesis research on alterations of consciousness at moments of creating, both in science and art. She is a Florida native, a former executive with the CBS Television Network, and the mother of two sons.

Regular Guest Bloggers:

Sheila McMullin

Sheila McMullin runs the feminist and artist resource website, MoonSpit Poetry, where a list of her publications can also be found. She is the Website Assistant for VIDA: Women in Literary Arts and Contributing Editor of poetry and the blog for ROAR Magazine. Her chapbook, Like Water, was a finalist for the Ahsahta Press and New Delta Review chapbook competitions, as well as a semifinalist in the Black Lawrence Press chapbook competition. She works as an after-school creative writing and college prep instructor, and volunteers at her local animal rescue. She holds her M.F.A. from George Mason University. Follow her @smcmulli

Sarah Winn

Sarah Winn is the 2013-2014 Completion Fellow at George Mason University, where she is an MFA candidate in Poetry. She was a 2012 runner up for the Virginia Downs Poetry Prize. Her poems have appeared in Chimes, Crux and most recently in Egg. She has reviewed and blogged for School Library Journal during her time as a school librarian, and currently teaches writing in Fairfax and Arlington County Schools through a Sally Merton Fellowship. Read more of her work here or follow her on twitter @blueaisling.


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