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Editor in Chief

Kristen Brida

Assistant Editor

Alexandria Petrassi

Art Editor

Kristen Brida & Alexandria Petrassi

Blog Editor

Sarah Batcheller

Assistant Blog Editor

Allie Ross

Fiction Editor

Amanda Bender

Assistant Fiction Editor

Anney Bolgiano

Nonfiction Editor

Liesel Hamilton

Assistant Nonfiction Editor


Poetry Editor

E. Rhōdes

Assistant Poetry Editor

Elspeth Jensen


/ mission

So to Speak was founded in 1993 by an editorial collective of women MFA candidates at George Mason University. It has served as a space for feminist writing and art for nearly 25 years. As our journal has evolved over the years, so has our outlook on feminism. We believe in an intersectional feminist outlook which includes, advocates for, and amplifies the perspectives & experiences of marginalized women and nonbinary people.

We are looking for poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art from various identities and backgrounds. It is no secret that the literary canon and literary journals are largely comprised of heteronormative, patriarchal, cisgender, able-bodied white men. So to Speak seeks work by writers, poets, and artists who want to challenge and change the identity of the “canonical” writer. Our mission at So to Speak is to provide a digital and print platform to amplify the voices of people of color, people with disabilities, Native and Indigenous peoples,nonbinary people, women, neurodivergent people, people of all different religions or none, migrants, refugees & immigrants (regardless of citizenship),  and veterans.