A peek at and into the issue

At this year's AWP Conference, So to Speak proudly introduced the newest supplement to our new publishing format: the annual contest print edition. Thinking through the ways that we wanted to display and present the work of our contest winners and finalists, we reached out to local paper artist Jennaway Pearson for ideas.

Departing slightly from our traditional size and format, we produced a limited-run edition of exclusive prize content featuring the work of:

  • Emma Bolden, poetry prize winner
  • Emily Rose Cole, poetry prize finalist
  • Sarah Fetherolf, poetry prize finalist
  • Catherine Jagoe, nonfiction prize winner
  • Christine Stewart-Nuñez, nonfiction prize finalist
  • Fabiola Alvarez Yurcisin, art prize winner
  • Meaghan Gates, art prise finalist
  • Becky Bosshart, fiction prize winner
  • Greta Wilensky, fiction prize finalist

Purchase your copy for $15 (including shipping) here.

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