Summer Round-Up!

September 8, 2013 by So to Speak
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Yes, summer’s over and that tan may not happen after all, but at least you can still feast on So to Speak’s online summer issue of amazing feminist prose, poetry, and art!  Or, take a look at our blog posts from July and August:

In Feminism, Family, and Making a Sandwich, StS’s Editor in Chief, Michelle Johnson, reminds us that feminism is about constant awareness of the self and of the worlds outside of ourselves, because no one, not even “liberals who work as teachers, doctors, scientists, and social workers,” is exempt from falling into prejudices and presumptions.

J.L. Powers discusses how though she doesn’t set out to write specifically about The Role of Gender, her novels for young adults unsurprisingly comment on how “gender has social, personal, legal, and moral repercussions for each individual.”

In A Heartfelt Goodbye, outgoing Editor in Chief of StS, Kate Partridge, looks back on the best moments of her tenure.

My first post as StS’s Asst. Blog Editor, WHY, talks about how despite our best efforts to the contrary, some of us “defend our own feminisms but doubt, belittle, or dismiss those of others,” and how channeling my second-grade-self empowers my adult feminism.

Rosebud Ben-Oni admits to her brother and the world that her Mexican and Jewish roots are “retractable, exposed, [and] wavering” in Why My Brother Is a Whitewashed Synagogue: How an Unwritten Letter Became a Poem.

Robyn Goodwin is Witty, Charismatic and Irresponsible in this most raw of reflections on staying sober, trying to find employment, and figuring out how to get the “machine” to detect the “determination, persistence, and enthusiasm” that have defined her life.

There you go! You can catch up! And if you’ve read all of these, we have some great posts coming your way this month, so check back soon, okay?

Paula Beltrán


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