June News Round-Up

Happy summer – the season of sunshine, relaxation, and fun! Here at StS, the editors have been busy creating our summer online issue, which will premier July 9th (more on that soon.) This month, we’ve had a fantastic line-up of blog posts:

  • Jack Solano discusses the role of white males in the feminist movement in his post Using Privilege to Combat Inequality. Solano doesn’t shy away from inequality, in fact, by choosing to attend a historically black university, he has openly embraced the challenges that many men in his position do not routinely face. In doing so, he has arrived personally at an important place—not only does he recognize the privileges his race and gender afford him, but he believes that this very privilege should be used to advance gender and racial equality.
  • Our outgoing blog and poetry editor, Sheila McMullin, in her Final Thoughts post, explores feminism in a deeply personal way. She opens up about feminism, describing it as a living, surviving creature, much like a jellyfish, with the ability to sting—and as an evolving, unfolding definition that she continues to create. From bell hooks quotes to her thoughts on promoting feminism in her career, post-graduate school, McMullin invites us into her most interior thoughts on feminism and positive feminist education and online feminist forums.
  • Tamar Altebarmakian, in Lesser Shades of Equal, writes about the shifts in consciousnesses that are created by the ripples of small gestures, gestures that challenge unconscious mores and prejudices and that widen circles of acceptance.
  • If you’re looking for summer reading suggestions, our poetry reviews of the past year are examined in Summer StS Reading: Poetry. We’ve reviewed outstanding collections of poetry that deserve space on every bookshelf.

Stay tuned for more information on our exciting summer online issue!



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