“This I Believe”: Starring 3 Inspired Young Women

I asked Anna, Marissa, and Catherine what they could take with them into the world from this first year advanced composition class:

It’s important to write about something that I am passionate about and to be confident in my writing.” -Anna Rothstein
I learned how to express myself in this class. I know that I will take that gift out into the real world.” -Marissa Rossi
It is really great to write about current issues in the world and your opinion on them. This motivates me to want to make a change! Critical reading has opened my mind to so many other perspectives.” -Catherine Cassidy

These students remind me that to inspire others, one must first be inspired. I really loved the following  personal narratives written for an essay assignment by these three brave young women. After reading their work, my motivation to help support, guide, and educate students to become responsible global citizens who can positively impact the communities around them was renewed.  I am encouraged that these women dare to dream and continue to foster a challenging, supportive, and safe community of empowered voices.

May we all be so loving, kind, and compassionate with ourselves and others throughout this season and this new year. I can’t wait to see what amazing things these feminists will do next. We should do everything in our power to support and empower our students. Our future depends on them.



This I Believe Official Guidelines: http://thisibelieve.org/guidelines/

This I Believe My Guidelines for Advanced Composition Essay Prompt

Anna Rothstein-This I Believe

Marissa Rossi-My Journey

Catherine Cassidy-The Wisdom of Fear


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