Mommy Poems by Medeia Starfire

July 19, 2012 by So to Speak
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In her shining evocation of paranoia, obsession, and oppression in relationships (in this case, a mother-child dynamic) she controls voice through writing short bursts of poems as a mother who has little control of her own. Through the mother’s conversation, it is easy, and rather uncomfortable, to feel the conflicting tensions of her anxiety and ideas about herself and world transferred onto the child. Through witnessing these uncomfortable moments, we are asked to be aware of our own treatment of people. Why do we get upset and when do we blame others for our anger? Here’s an excerpt from “Wake Up You Sleepyhead”

************Mommy did something wrong

************Mommy hates this world

************Mommy’s sorry she yelled at you

************Mommy loves you, she does

************whatever you say

Starfire writes:

“I am interested in the complicated nature of female connection. How women feel about themselves and why they feel that way often translates into how they cultivate their relationships. I am concerned with where dysfunction begins, how it grows, and the strength it takes to accept and change.”

Medeia Starfire, “Wake Up You Sleepyhead” Pg. 16

After Hours” Pg. 17

Parting by Comb” Pg. 18

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