Two Interesting Articles on Arab Feminism

April 24, 2012 by So to Speak
Filed under: Opinion, Post by: Siwar M 

If you are at all interested in the Arab Spring, Arab Feminism, The Blue Bra of Tahrir Square, the consistently offensive “portrayal” of the niqab and/or hijab, these two articles are for you. One appeared in Foreign Policy’s Sex Issue, and a response to it on Al Monitor.

To give a piece of my mind here, as much as I agree with ElTahawy’s rage at the treatment of women, I was, indeed, offended by the photographs of the nude, body sprayed woman. It brings to mind the annoying habit of “sensationalising”  Arab and Muslim women’s issues. Why does it have to be about the hijab or niqab? Why does it even have to be  about religion in the first place? Aren’t we over these offensive, cliche, and orientalist portrayals yet?




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